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Little Einstein's

Day Care Limited

7:00am to 6:00pm • 3months to 11 years

Little Einstein's

Day Care Limited

7:00am to 6:00pm • 3months to 11 years

Here at Little Einstein’s Day Care Ltd we pride ourselves in the excellent quality of service we provide to children and parents. We believe that parents returning to work should be supported as much as possible and for those parents who need a little help or the odd session of care for their child/ren we want to be here to provide safe, practical and reliable care for families.


We think that children should be encouraged to explore their world/ environment, and be listened to and valued. We promote the moral development of the children and encourage a polite well mannered approach alongside their planned learning.  We follow the Foundation Phase which covers all 7 areas of desirable outcomes.

Personal and social Development:

Well-being and Cultural Diversity

Language, literacy and communication Skills

Mathematical Development

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Physical Development

Creative Development

Welsh Language Development


Our aims and objectives are:-

To give children the best start in life and the best possible basis for their future growth and development

Give children access to a comprehensive range of education, training and learning opportunities

Enjoy the best possible physical and mental, social and emotional health, including freedom from abuse, victimisation and exploitation

Have access to play, leisure, sporting and cultural activities

To make sure the children and parents are listened to, treated with respect


We believe that children should be given balanced and nutritious food. We have a kitchen on site and a cook, who freshly prepares and cooks our food so we know that there is no added salt, a controlled amount of sugar, and at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. We do not ask parents to send their children in with food as we know this can add to an already busy schedule. Children with dietary requirements are asked to bring in their own products to be cooked on site.


Numbers, ages and sex of the children for whom care is to be provided:-

We are registered to care for 42 children at any time. The suggested group sizes are provided below. (42 in any combination)

During the week we cater for children aged 0-12 years and 11 months, this care is offered on a flexible basis either one off sessions using the crèche facility which offers sessions both 2 and 4 hours long.


The opening times of the nursery are 7:30am – 6pm.


We are available to collect children from local schools and provide an after school and school holiday care facility. This service is also available for lunch time collections from local nurseries.

We accept all children and respect them all as precious individuals, regardless of gender, race, religion, disability or culture. We believe it is important that the children have the chance to build warm and loving relationships with their carers and to be comfortable in the Nursery environment.


Baby suite                        0-24 months        12 babies


Toddler room                    2-3 years             8 toddlers


Pre-school room               3-4 years            16 children


4-8 year old room             4-8 years             8 children


8-12 years 11 months      8-12 years            8 children


Range of needs of relevant children to be met

We meet the needs of all children, if your child/ren have additional needs we are happy to work alongside the parents and continue to give your child/ren the best start in life.



If your child is a vegetarian we are happy to cook alternative meals to ensure your child’s needs are met

If you use terry towelling nappies again we are happy to continue to use them


Learning Welsh:-

 Within the nursery English is the main language spoken, but children have the opportunity to learn Welsh on a daily basis through, play and activities provided for them.



 We have an intercom and camera which controls our main door so that parents, visitors and people visiting the nursery will be monitored and permitted to gain access to the property.  On several of our internal doors we have digital locks, as a second barrier against people entering without direct permission.  And of course the team of staff will never release a child unless otherwise stated.

 Concerning parent collection, parents are encouraged to liaise with staff within their child's unit to notify the key worker of a change of person at collection time.  At busy periods and times of high numbers a password may also be used to gain access to the nursery for parents.


Future Development

 We are looking in the future to provide activities for the children which will include baby yoga (with participation from parents), yoga for older children and soft play.  We are also looking to develop a vegetable garden where the children will learn about the environment and growth.



Activities will be based on the individual routine of the areas for the children but will cover physical play (gross and fine motor) using toys and soft play equipment, imaginative play using dressing up clothes, small world activities such as dolls houses and play corners.

 Creative activities such as painting, play dough and chalks will be an offer to the children and they will have the chance to play with sand, water and other natural materials.  Please refer to the policy 'Play Equipment And Toys'.  Our aim is to follow the desirable outcomes moving towards the foundation phase for the children in our care.




Each age range has a routine set out by the key worker assigned to the group, we aim to cater for individual children's needs by listening to and noting down parents routines at home to try and make the transition to a slightly new and different routine easier.  The routine throughout the day is flexible, and takes into account playing outdoors, movement of rooms such as eating in the dining room and joining other groups for further socialisation and play.  It is our aim to provide a stable, happy and secure routine for the children.

Unfortunately in some circumstances we are not equipped to care for children with special needs, parents are invited to approach the nursery to discuss their child’s needs and care requirements and if the nursery feel that we can maintain and provide our high standard of care then arrangements can be made.  Due to limitations of the building/ratios this may prove difficult.


Concerns and Complaints

 If parents have any concerns or complaints they are invited to contact the nursery at Little Einstein's Day Care Ltd, Westbury House, Dixton Road, Monmouth. NP24 3PR.  Telephone number 01600772220.  if no satisfactory result happens then parents can contact


Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales – CSSIW, South East Region, Government Buildings , Rhydycar Business Park, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 1UZ. Tel 03000628888

Working In Partnership with Parents

 Parents will be informed about their child's development on a daily basis, this will cover such areas as their language, physical achievements friendship groups etc.

 The diary will also include information such as how long they have slept, what/how much they have eaten during the day, any change in their well being such as the beginnings of a cold or illness.

The member of staff will verbally liaise with the parents/carers about the child's day and specific points of concern that the key worker may have.

An idea of the format for the diary is given, but the child's actual diary will be a small book which key workers can update during the day and where parents can refer to at the beginning and end of each session.

Parents can approach their key worker at any time, at peak times in nursery sometimes a more suitable time for both parties can be arranged.  This time can be used to discuss the child's development, and any queries or questions the parent may have.

A folder of the policies implemented in the nursery can be found in the office of the nursery and parents are invited to look through it at any time and or with the consent of a member of managerial staff can be taken away to be thoroughly read.

If students and volunteers are involved with the day to day care of the children/nursery then they will be provided with an induction period where they are introduced to members of staff, fire routes and escapes, policies etc. members of staff also joining the setting will be inducted into the routine of the nursery including its policies etc.



we have policies covering:-

Accidents and incidents


Behaviour Management

Biting, bullying

Child protection

Complaints procedure

Confidentiality and Diet

Enrolment for the child

Equality of opportunity

Health & hygiene

Parental Involvement


Play Equipment and Toys

Settling in at nursery

Special Needs

Staff induction, staffing and employment

Student induction.


All parents at the time of registration will be helped through the admissions process and providing relevant contact details through our admissions forms and applications.


Arrangements for dealing with an emergency:-

In case of an emergency all parents will be contacted, If an ambulance is needed we will get one and a member of staff will go to the hospital with the child until the parents get there. A full report will be written and parents will be asked to sign it.


Baby Unit

We have 3 rooms dedicated to babies, this we refer to as the baby suite, which involves a sleep room, a base room which contains play gyms and mats, & a sofa for contact time with the nursery nurses.


The 2nd room contains more physical toys including push and pull toys, balls and ride on toys. The baby suite is located on the 1st floor and has access to a toilet area where a specially built nappy changing station is built for the regular safe changing of your baby. For younger babies we have a Moses' basket. There is a monitor which ensures that babies are heard and given attention to as soon as they wake. Sleeping children are physically checked every 15 minutes and within routine of going down to sleep there will be time for a lullaby or a story as well as use of a light box and black out blind.

During registration parents are asked for information about their child's routine this will be recorded and referred to.

Parents should send their child in with nappies, toiletries of their choice, this includes made up labelled bottles and beakers for your child that can be stored in the designated fridge.


Toddler Room

Children can be moved in to the toddler room when they are ready to progress from the baby suite. Your child's key worker will liaise with the parents about the transition from the baby suite to the toddler room.

The toddler room is dedicated to promoting further independence for your child, there are activities which include gluing and sticking/ painting/ sand/ water play. They also have toys such as farm, dolls and teddy bears, books and dressing up clothes.


For outside play children can venture out onto the specially designated decking which allows secure play outside especially when wet, and a secure play area which gives the children access to a grassed area and a slide and play house. Activities such as sand and water/ bean bags and books/ chalk boards for emergent writing and creative development. Activities are planned within the routine of the day to promote skills such as social interaction and learning, sharing and compromising skills. We help the children to learn how to play imaginative games by using dressing up clothes and small world activities. The toddlers sometimes mix with the pre-school group to further their interaction and gain more access to activities such as water play.


Pre-School Group

Toddlers move into this group when they are ready for a more planned and structured day. They have access to sand / water, painting and gluing and sticking as well as toys such as dolls house, music and singing and story time. Within their daily routine children will be encouraged to lay the table for lunch and dinner in a shared rota system, they will also be encouraged to use a knife and fork and learn how to clear away their plates etc. after they’ve finished eating.

The children again have access to outdoors and a grassed play area along with the decking which enables play when the weather is wet.



Little Einstein's Day Care Nursery is owned by Rebecca Edwards. Rebecca has years of experience working in the nursery, as well as having her own children, Rebecca is qualified in NVQ 5 and is present in the Nursery from Monday to Friday where she is actively involved in all aspects of the Nursery operation. She is supported by Liz Kidley, Deputy Manager  Liz is qualified to NVQ Level 4 in Childcare and Early Years and has over 10 years childcare experience


All our staff have recognised qualifications and attend regular courses to keep their knowledge up to date. They also have a wide range of other life experiences, which gives them a mature and well-rounded approach to childcare.

We are keen to support local colleges and schools by offering placements to their students. All students are always carefully supervised and are supplementary to the required staff: child ratios.


Contact information:-

Rebecca Edwards 01600772220 email:-

This statement of purpose will be updated whenever necessary and reviewed yearly.  If any changes are made to the service I will contact CSSIW and inform them.



We have two fish on site -  Ben and Holly. We held a competition with the children and parents to choose the names and Ben and Holly were the most popular.

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Little Einstein's Day Care Limited

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