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Little Einstein's

Day Care Limited

7:00am to 6:00pm • 3months to 11 years

Little Einstein's

Day Care Limited

7:00am to 6:00pm • 3months to 11 years


The nursery is registered for 42 children:

However I feel that 9 babies, 8 toddlers and 16 pre-school is a sufficient amount of children per day for us to carry out activities comfortably. We use the staffing ratios under 2’s 1:3, two-three years 1:4, three plus 1:8.

We are open 7.30-6.00pm, closed bank holidays.


At our nursery

We care for boys and girls from all nationalities at Little Einstein’s Day Care.

Our age range is 0-11 years

We welcome all children with individual needs and requirements. We are happy to discuss our child’s individual needs and requirements.

We strive to provide a professional service that where possible, can cater individually for your child, from dietary to physical needs.

We provide the best quality childcare at all times, in a stimulating environment with the support of a staff team.

Aims and objectives are supported by the nurseries policies and procedures.

Aims and objectives of the nursery are based on the following principles:

To create a safe, caring and stimulating environment where each child can develop their social and emotional and educational potential, whilst becoming independent and active long-term learners.

To provide clear boundaries in terms of acceptable behaviour, develop children’s moral understanding and use encouragement and praise as rewards for good behaviour.

To build each child’s self-esteem together, with mutual care and respect for others.

The individual unique child is valued at Little Einstein’s; each child is an individual with their own needs and personality. We strive to meet the needs of the individual child that attends our nursery and focus on each child’s achievements as individuals.

To encourage a positive attitude with respect towards racial origins, religious, differences, of gender and disabilities within the nursery environment by practising our equal opportunities policy.

To provide support and information to the parents and guardians that uses our nursery facility.

Ensuring the environment at the nursery always plays a key role in supporting the child’s learning and development.

Be a voice for the children in our care.

To be caring fair and understanding to employers, to all our staff.

Little Einstein’s Staff

We take pride in ensuring we only have the best motivated loving professionals to look after your child.

We have a very low staff turnover at Little Einstein’s. Our staff re hand-picked not only for their qualifications but also for their skills and personality.

Our staff are trained to a very high standard. We send staff on external training programs to enhance their qualifications, and abilities.

All staff are DBS checked by the WCVA criminal records unit. We have regular staff training, newsletters and staff meetings. Our team leaders also do daily & weekly checks with regular team meetings.

We aim to provide a learning facility for all our staff, to develop them socially and intellectually and provide support, supervision and regular team meetings.

Our nursery is built on understanding and respect for others.


We recognise at Little Einstein’s day nursery that all children develop at different rates. We monitor and carry out individual assessments up until the child goes to school. Our assessments cover all areas of learning and the foundation phase. These assessments are available to parents and guardians to view at any time. If we were to have any concerns over a child’s development we would first discuss this with the parent and or guardian, and if needed get specialist advice.


Facilities & services available at our nursery -  see our individual sections above for more information.






Baby room also known as marvellous monkeys

There is a whole floor dedicated to providing the right environment for babies. The babies have a stimulating, loving friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Our routine in the baby room is flexible to accommodate our babies’ daily needs.

They have everything they need to play, relax and be adventurous.

They are always busy with play and activities.


Toddler room also known as panda class

In the toddler section we have a good routine with educational stimulation through play. The foundation phase is used to prepare all activities. We always make their days fun filled.



Pre-schoolers also known as the Giraffe Class

Our pre-schoolers areas continue on the foundation phase principles of learning as in the other sections of the nursery. Our day is structured, with all areas of learning covered in preparation for school.


Meals at Little Einstein’s

We continue to hold five stars from the environmental health department.

All children’s meals are cooked fresh in our kitchen daily, by our nursery cook.

We provide lunch, tea, late snack and offer juice/ milk mid-morning and afternoon with toast/ fruit.

Menus are displayed and varied according to your child’s dietary needs.


Pick up and collection service

We can collect your child from home or school; we have drivers with special insurance just for this purpose.



 At little Einstein’s we are primarily an English speaking nursery. We utilise and use the welsh language as part of our daily routine.


Safe and Secure

Our policies cover all areas of the nursery from health and safety to risk assessments.

All policies are available for inspection.

Our staff are regularly trained to all aspects of safety.

There are CCTV cameras on the main door; there are also digital locks on several of our internal doors.


Terms and conditions

If you wish to register your child at Little Einstein’s you will need to fill in a registration form, and pay £30 non-refundable deposit, the nursery manager on receipt of this will clarify if the days and times required are available for your child.

You will be asked at this time to book your child into nursery trial sessions.


Complaints and concerns are taken very seriously at Little Einstein’s.

Depending on your concern or complaint you can speak with your child’s key worker, section second in charge or team leader.

Rebecca Edwards the nursery manager and proprietor will be consulted with all complaints and concerns.

You can raise concerns, complaints or queries in person, in writing via email or arrange a meeting.


You can also contact CSSIW on:



Telephone: 0300 790 0126

In writing CSSIW National Office and CSSIW South East Wales Region, Welsh Government, Government Buildings, Rhydycar CF48 1UZ


The nursery statement of purpose is reviewed on an annual basis or as and when there are significant changes in the nursery.


Little Einstein’s Day Care Ltd

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Holiday Care • Preschool and afterschool pick up and drop off service

Little Einstein's Day Care Limited

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